Sunday, January 10, 2010

Almost New Beginnings

Another fairly quiet spell here during the past month or two, really, but this (as usual) is partly due to there permanently being things afoot. To begin with, a new Fourth Dimension Records website is beginning to roll into shape, and this itself includes Adverse Effect's blog (thus replacing the AE profile at, which is linked to from my page here) and, indeed, all the previous posts otherwise found on the former one. Some new reviews have just been posted there of releases by Paul Baran, Blind Cave Salamander, Chapelle Nitrique, Cindytalk, Piotr Kurek, Remora, Steven Severin, Sum Of R and others. If interested, please visit: and, of course, take note of the new FD website address, too. The FD website is still being developed, but should have a fully functioning Shop facility soon enough. Meanwhile, news can at least be found of currently available releases and the forthcoming new album from Japan's highly talented Tabata Mitsuru...

Also, since last writing here, my own group Theme have likewise been working towards the fourth album, which should be ready later this year and will most likely appear vinyl-only on Stuart Carter's own Betaphonic label. Four, although unfinished, new songs can be found on our MySpace page for now, anyway: 'Dream Your Dreams', 'Turn to Light', 'Hope On These Words' and 'No Face To Speak Of'. Please visit if interested. What with our Valentine (Lost) Forever CD album released by Israel's HCB Recordings in September 2009, I strongly feel Theme are beginning to reach the corner we've long anticipated turning. I feel especially proud of three of these new songs (despite their presently incomplete state).

Outside all of this, Lumberton Trading Company will commence activities again soon, too. The website itself is shortly due to undergo some long, long overdue surgery (which will see the Shop finally working) and, indeed, a Steven Severin CDEP, Sleepercell, will help get the release schedule back on track. It's hoped that developments on this front will commence before the end of the month.

Not much else to report right now, though. Other endeavours are, naturally, being continually worked on, but I'll save any reporting on them until there's actually something worth doing so.

Whatever, I hope you'll keep checking here from time to time to see what, if anything, is happening. And, of course, all the best to everybody for 2010. Let's hope it's better than the last twelve months...