Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Premature Spring Clean

Anybody who has bothered with my own musings here in the past will, I daresay, now notice that I have deleted all thirty-eight previous entries. Principally, this is because I have never been entirely satisfied with them, either because they've been written and posted impulsively (something I'm otherwise extremely comfortable with when dealing with music) or have remained half-formed due to various reasons. Whatever, the fact remains. I have long considered the idea of simply starting anew here with a hopefully more rounded agenda underpinning everything. Whilst I am simultaneously contemplating the idea of beginning an Adverse Effect blogspot, I feel the space here would be better reserved for material which may dovetail with it more sufficiently, such as (for example) extracts from a book I started writing that's presently entitled Exit Wounds or news on various matters relating to my endeavours. Of course, there will still be room enough here for catching various other stray thoughts along the way, but I want to exercise more care with them from now on.

Whilst I'd be kidding myself if I didn't admit to generally feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable with most things I have written before, I remain at the mercy of the paradox afforded by my forever feeling inadvertently compelled to continue exposing my lowly opinions and thoughts in this manner.

I hope that there will be more postings here from now on and, in the meantime, would like to thank everybody who has commented on the previous posts. I hope you will continue to visit.


flora_mundi said...

i welcome the reborn blog! new layout looks spiffy

Richo said...

Thank you!