Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movements: Part One

True to form, all notions concerning my getting posts here regularly these days are proving themselves to be hurdles created by the presence of so much else going on in my life. Partly due to the fact another friend has stepped in to help with such matters, the Lumberton Trading Company label is gaining a modicum of momentum, whilst elsewhere I’ve either recently been embroiled in William Bennett’s Cut Hands appearances in Poland (see review at my Adverse Effect blogspot, if interested), caught up with affairs relating to the imminent release of the third Theme CD, Valentine (Lost) Forever, on Israel’s Heart & Crossbone label, or snagged either on more Fourth Dimension releases or the Grim Humour book I’m still (slowly) working at. Whilst I hope to continue with more posts here shortly, the best I can do in the meantime is furnish you with both the news the LTCo website will shortly be given an overhaul and that there are new links added here to its MySpace profile and Facebook group. Without any doubt whatsoever, and in spite of all appearances to the contrary, movements are constantly, and rather joyously, afoot.
I have no intention of doing otherwise just yet, believe me…

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