Saturday, July 18, 2009


I just posted the following blog on my personal MySpace profile, as I am beginning to feel anything I place here is swathed in a rather cumbersome and wholly overwhelming pointlessness...

"Yes, yes, I said I'd never write anything here again but my promises are evidently going to be kept in the same way as my dear and rather battered old ticker: broken. Ultimately, should anybody be paying attention to such matters, just don't fucking listen to me when I'm having a whinge here. If I feel like jotting down a few thoughts here (as I do right now), I will do so. Just as I always have. Besides, it's nice to actually get the occasional drop of feedback, or see that, yes, people actually visit this place (even if I don't fully grasp why...). My posts at Blogspot seem to mostly go out to a void; a vast chasm of nothingness completely at odds with the sweat, blood and red wine I've put into the damn things. You know, I've an Adverse Effect blogspot, for example, with I think nice 'n' interesting interviews with, so far, William Bennett and Michael Begg of Human Greed (the latter conducted by the wonderful Kate MacDonald or, rather, Katred, no less), and it's hard to fathom whether anybody's even fucking bothered to check in on them. It's not, however, as though I do any of this to simply ride the waves of discourse, but I'd be lying if I declared I didn't enjoy knowing my own little stabs weren't just going out for any other reason than to keep myself occupied. It's not as though I don't have anything else to do or have a social whirlwind of dinner parties, cheap dates and private functions to maintain.

Ever since I first entered the (very much underground) publishing world, I have always, always actively encouraged response. Even though my magazines helped forge my reputation as being an opinionated bastard unafraid to speak his mind or accept idiots (and the music world is teeming with the fuckers, believe me - never has such a place outside the world of filmmaking attracted so many egocentric, pumped-up little cunts who are so deluded they fail to grasp what they're doing is precisely the same thing as countless others), I never once ventured that anybody should bite their fucking tongues. For, believe me, doing exactly that is what most people do anyway. In every respect.

So, to go back a little, yes yes yes, I crave discourse, ideas, opinions and suggestions. Like hearty meals, the good music itself that I mostly find myself pinning thoughts to, my desire for the woman who'll forever stay just out of reach, a roaring fireplace on a winter's snowy evening, and that one little nip of absinthe too many, it keeps me going.

Justifications over...

On another note, if so inclined, do visit my Theme, LTCo (MySpace as well as the website), Splintered, etc. pages for updates on the various developments on my endeavours. Likewise, of course, the BlogSpot pages.

Despite whatever some victims may say, my bark is definitely worse than my bite..."

I think it says everything I feel like saying here at this moment in time...

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