Monday, December 14, 2009


Been rather quiet here lately, due to all kinds of outside factors. Mostly, however, I am extremely busy with getting a new Fourth Dimension/Adverse Effect website ready to launch in the New Year, plus the Lumberton Trading Company one is also about to be given a complete, and long overdue, overhaul as well. Both labels have been commanding such attention for a long, long time now, and both will finally have fully functioning Shop facilities and shall be maintained on a regular basis. To state the situation regarding these websites has been embarrassing this year would be an understatement...

Otherwise, as the year draws to its inevitable close, I should also make use of this opportunity to point out what else is happening. Firstly, more Theme recordings are on the cards for the very end of this month (hopefully amounting to the first towards a double-album set) and, secondly, Splintered will finally break away from their hiatus to set about some new recordings, too. At this stage, it's difficult to say exactly how these latter recordings will take shape, but I personally anticipate our taking ideas from the last collaborative album with RLW somewhere further, possibly with the aid of several guests.

Beyond this, plans for next year include releasing a CDEP by Steven Severin, on LTCo, and a new album by Tabata on FD. There are, of course, other things afoot, but it's probably best I don't jump the gun just yet.

Just keep watching this space for further news.


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