Monday, February 1, 2010

Unimaginatively Titled Brief Update

Thankfully, this year seems to be picking up slightly for me. Which is just as well, really, as if things were to continue akin to the last one, I have no idea where I'd be during the next few. Destitute and laying in a gutter face-down, no less, and certainly no looking up at even imaginary stars. Well, perhaps I am being slightly dramatic here, but...

To begin with, the new Fourth Dimension website is ready: This now houses my Adverse Effect blog, includes all back catalogue information, plus a Shop section (presently unfinished) dedicated to those releases that are still available and a number of other titles from labels and artists treading similar ground (whatever that may be). News of the next release, by Japan's Mitsuru Tabata, can also be found there. Entitled Mankind Spree, this CD album should be ready to go into production this month and pre-order details will be announced soon.

With the FD website now almost back on track, it's simply a matter of now getting a new Lumberton Trading Company one going. Of which, the Steven Severin SleeperCell CDEP for LTCo will likewise go into production this month and details will be announced shortly (both via the new website and the LTCo profile at MySpace: Other releases planned for LTCo include an album by Blue Rats. This features one of the late Jhonn Balance's last ever vocal performances and Sion Orgon, amongst others.

Theme, my group, have been confirmed to appear at this year's Industrial Festival in Wroclaw, at the beginning of November, by the way. Not entirely sure who else will play there yet, but Whitehouse are confirmed. We have also recorded about half the next album. New songs can be found on the Theme profile at MySpace, if interested; Personally, I feel very proud of them and am pleased with where we are heading. Which is precisely how it should be.

Outside all of this, I'm still (slowly and haphazardly) pressing on with a book dedicated to post-punk music and another one concerning my Grim Humour magazines, plus have been involved (at the proofreading stage) with the English version of another written by a Polish friend, called The Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music. The first volume (A to C) is presently being printed at this very moment. If interested in purchasing it, please contact me for further details.

Otherwise, a recent thread about some of my activities has commenced here at a Polish website. If you can read Polish and are interested, please visit:

I am also just about to be interviewed for a national Polish music magazine, M/I, too. Looking forward to that, even though, conversely, I've never really been one for talking about everything I do too much.

Hopefully, more news soon.


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