Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Shop at Fourth Dimension & Other Stuff

The Shop at my Fourth Dimension website is being expanded on almost daily, if interested. Besides finding several releases from the label itself you will also find those that are still available from Lumberton Trading Company and various others by artists operating in approximately the same sphere(s), affiliates and friends. Over the next few weeks, I hope the Shop will have more titles but, meantime, the first lucky few customers who use this Shop will receive a CD of my choice from one of my labels. Do please visit:

Otherwise, a new Lumberton Trading Company website is also on the way and will likewise have a new Shop facility there soon. Although it is still being worked on and won't be finished for another few weeks, please check in on:

At both websites, you will find news of imminent new releases by Tabata and Steven Severin, but other titles are also presently being discussed, including the long mooted limited edition version of the Faust 'Live in Krakow' 2LP, which may well now also be co-released with Dirter Promotions. Please visit the websites for more information during the next few weeks, anyway.

Onto other matters, you may or may not be aware of the fact I've been helping with Rafal Kochan's Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music book, at the proofreading stage. Although two or three volumes have so far appeared in Polish, the first one in English, collecting entries 'A' to 'C', is now out in a limited edition and arrives heartily recommended to not only fans of industrial music but those who enjoy its own crossing over with, or having arrived from, different areas of music and culture. Or, indeed, those whose interest in underground music may touch on all of this. Well-researched and put together, the book is a both a testament to Rafal's own hard work during the past few years and a triumph for the genre. If interested in getting this, please contact me for the ordering information.

What else? Theme are slowly hammering away at the next album, plus will play live later this year, whilst Splintered's long mooted resurgence of activity may at least soon manifest via one or two other ideas presently being discussed. More news on both groups, however, can be found on the relevant pages at MySpace. Look for SplinteredUK or ThemeUKPoland if interested.

Am still adding material to the Adverse Effect blog as and when I can, too. This can be found on the FD website. One day, perhaps I'll return to a properly published version again as well. It's certainly an idea I keep entertaining. Just unfortunate that the bank balance is never in a good enough condition to greet such ideas warmly...

Also still beavering away at a book dedicated to post-punk music, but due its reliance on contributions from others is taking even longer to roll into shape than first anticipated. But I'll get there. In the end.

Beyond all of this, enjoying the fact the snow has finally disappeared here in Krakow and that my mountains of music, films and books appear to be as endless as ever. Life could be worse.

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